Veterans 'high risk of the  suicide'
 The veterans military  are twice so probable to kill themselves as civil ordinary, a study that follows 320,890 found men.

Compared data investigators between the not-veterans and those that had served in a certain point between 1917 and 1994. Men who were white, older educating and better than the other men appeared to be in a risk upper, like those with a physical or emotional incapacity.

The investigators say that the results accentuate the necessity of the mental medical care for those portion in Iraq and Afghanistan. The investigation, published in the newspaper of the health of the epidemiolog'a and the community, included men who had desempen'ado services in World War II, the war of Vietnam, the Korean war and the Gulf War. 'Inadequate Investigation' Said that the index of the suicide between the men who had taken military service era 2,13 times above than those than ever had desempen'ado services in the Armed Forces.

The veterans military were also twice so probable to use a firearm to kill itself, said. They identified the disabled veterans, or those that had experienced emotional or psychological trauma during their service like the group of the risk upper. Interesting, the fat veterans were less probable to have killed that those of the normal weight, the found study. Although the investigation did not include data of the men who returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, the authors said that the results had strong implications for them.

To lead the Kaplan mark of the investigator, of the university of state of Portland in Oregon, said to doctors if 'to escudri'ar to veterans for the samples of the behavior or the suicidal thoughts and, if they are needed, they take part to make sure that these patients do not have access to the firearms'. He said that in general 'there is inadequate mental investigation of the health, and do not train to take care of these classes of problems and they do not have many of the doctors outside the system of GOES (subjects of the veterans) the time to treat them'.


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