Bird Flu Vaccine
 The World-wide Organization of the Health did a unique subject Wednesday -- what if the great donors reunited resources to take towards outside surely private the payment for vaccines in the case of an influenza of the bird pandemic?

The Dr Margaret Chan of the chief of a main directorate of the WHO said that the organization had been given more time of the preparation that could have waited for in front of an influenza pandemic.

Chan said the WHO used that hour to study several options of the financing to allow that the poor countries developing receive vaccines and prevent a catastrophe pandemic that could kill million people.

'I am safe that the insurance industry can subscribe a policy for that,' said Chan, speaking during a discussion of the panel in the pacific summit of the health in Seattle. To take donations to buy vaccines before a bud cannot satisfy to conscious donors on costs, said Chan, but it can have more feeling to cause than the organizations donate the money to the payment for a prize of the insurance policy. 'It is the prepared world to extremely buy an insurance for an event that is low probability and of high risk' Chan this. 'I am not safe he I will work, but we needed clearly to think outside the box.' The WHO says that pandemic of a certain class of influenza is inevitable.

It is not clear when it would come and that the tension of the influenza would cause to you, but bird influenza H5N1 is causing the greatest preoccupation. H5N1 has infected to 312 people in 12 countries and killed 190 of them. Now it infects almost exclusively birds. The experts say that the danger is the virus will be developed just slightly in a form that people can take and happen easily to one another one, in this case would rise the tariff of the transmission, causing pandemic.


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