The unusual and lost drugs are costing to NHS at least '100 a million year, a report have said.

Some doctors on-prescribe, the main patients to store medicines in the country, whereas the patients also cannot take to the given drugs they, he found. Other causes of wastefulness include the medicines that are given but going later dispersed, and drugs prescribed in the hospital that is continued unnecessarily in the country. The investigation, of the national office of the intervention (NAO), examined costs that prescribed in primary care. The money could also be saved if the GPs prescribed medicines of the under-cost, said, that it would not have any detrimental effect in patient care.

The government has sent an impulsion already to call to generic doctors to prescribe statins on the described versions more expensive. Statins is taken by almost two million Briton to the lowest aid its cholesterol and the department of the health esteem that at least '85 a million year could be saved changing to cheaper trade names.

The study, of sir main Juan Bourn of NAO, said drugs of the under-cost of the commutation could save the primary confidences of the care (PCTs) more than '200 a million year. It found ample variations in prescribing of cheaper drugs - in the second trimester of 2006/07, the proportion of varied prescriptions of statin of the under-cost from 28% until 86% through PCTs in England. A total of '200 a million year could be saved if all the PCTs at least reached the standard of more efficient 25%, the report this. If all the prescribed PCTs as efficiently as superior 10% of PCTs, then more than '300 million could be saved.


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