HPV Vaccine Guards Against Vulval and Vaginal Cancer
 Papillomavirus human (HPV) vacc'neo Gardasil, developed to prevent the cervical cancer, also appears to block the vaginal, investigating precancerous injuries vulvares and said.

The young women given the vaccine had 71% few vaginal injuries vulvares and of high degree associated to types 16 and 18 of HPV that those not vaccinated, without concerning the exhibition, disclosed Jorma Paavonen, M.D., of the central hospital of the university here, and colleagues in the application of the 19 of May the Lancet.

The industry-financed report adds to it increasing tests in the effectiveness of the vaccine in the prevention of cancers. Other groups disclosed in the application of the 10 of May the newspaper of the New England of the medicine that the bovine one was almost the 100% effective one against the cervical types 16 and 18 of HPV cancer-that they caused in three years and also reduced the risk of the cancer of the throat.

The Dr Paavonen and colleagues disclosed the recordativa letter of three years of three selected clinical tests at random. The studies included 18,174 ages 16 to 26 of the women from 24 countries through four continents. They selected to these women at random to receive placebo or the vaccine quadrivalent against genotypes 6, 11, 16, and 18 of HPV in the line of bottom and two and six months it advanced more. Placebo consisted of the helping one of aluminum of sulphate of hydroxyphosphate used in the vaccine. The participants also experienced the repeated anogenital examinaci'n on two years. Type-specific of the biopsy and the DNA of HPV was tested in any suspected injury.

After they were means of three years of the recordativa letter, the results for neoplasia intraepithelial of vulvar of high degree (VIN2-3) and neoplasia intraepithelial vaginal (VaIN2-3): effectiveness 100% con injuries was associated not previously to HPV16 or HPV18 between the exposed susceptible women, the population of the by-protocol (no cases against 15 in group of placebo). the effectiveness of 71% con injuries was associated to HPV16 or HPV18 in intention-to-treat population, including the women who were exposed previously to HPV (nine against 31 cases). the effectiveness of 49% con injuries without concerning causal type of HPV or the exhibition in intention-to-treats population (27 against 53 cases).

Five adolescent tests and two studies typically determined the security, certain with the monitoring of the card-style of the report by 14 days after each injection of the vaccine or placebo. Total, only 0,1% of participants continued due to the adverse events, and 0,06% disclosed an adverse event systemic serious bovine court to be related.

The bovine-related but common adverse reactions were the fever (10,3% against placebo 8,6%), nausea (4,2% against 4,1%), the vertigos (2,8% against 2,6%), the pain the injection-site (83,9% against 75,4%), swelling themselves (25,4% against 15,8%), eritema (24,6% against 18,4%), and the prurito (3,1% against 2,8%). The tariff of the effectiveness of 71% was the best valuation 'of the potential advantage of the public-health of an effective vaccine of HPV,' the investigators wrote.

Nevertheless, whereas the tests including 'an ample representation of women of developed developing countries and,' they underneath-represented women whom they had had more than two sexual partners, those with a history of the abnormal tests of pap, and those with genital warts. 'Of this perspective, this dangerous population of women little listed could not completely be comparable to the population in general,' the Dr Paavonen and the colleagues wrote. However, the results are animating because the cancer to vulvar has been in the ascent of younger women, almost always in association with HPV, the investigators this.

In the analysis, 64% of cases of neoplasia intraepithelial of vulvar of high degree in the group of placebo were due to HPV16. 'This tendency is worrying because these cancers are not favorable to a research program,' they added. For the vaginal cancers vulvares and, the precursors are often lacked and the treatment consists typically of mutilating of surgery, said, so true advantage of the supplies of the prevention to the women. 'Nevertheless, the true advantages to the individuals and the society will need to be heavy against the costs in a formal economic burden of the vaccine,' the concluded investigators.


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