Birth Control Pill
 The women who looked for a way simple to avoid their menstrual period could soon have access that the first pill of the designed birth control let to women suppress the monthly drain indefinitely

The administration of the food and the drug of the E.E.U.U is hope to announce the approval Tuesdays for Lybrel, a drug of Wyeth that would be the first pill that will be taken continuously. Lybrel, a meant name to evoke 'freedom,' would be the fourth new oral contraceptive that does not follow the schedule standard of 21 daily active pills, followed by seven pills of the sugar - a design meant for m'mico the monthly cycle of a woman.

Between the others, Yaz and Loestrin 24 shorten monthly periods to three days or less and Seasonique, an updated version of Seasonale, reduces them to four times to the year.

The gynecologists say that there are been seeing a slow one but that they increase constantly of the women who asked how to limit and to even stop the monthly drain. The examinations have found until half of women would prefer not to have no periods, they would less often prefer more and a majority of doctors has prescribed the contracepci'n to prevent periods. 'I think that it is the principle of him who is very common,' Leslie said to Dr Molinero, a university of the obstetrician-gynecologist of Washington-Seattle that works a Web site centered in suppressing periods. 'Lybrel says, 'you do not need a period. '

'Whereas that can be done easily - sometimes more cheap - jumping remiendos pills of the sugar or replacing of the birth-control or the vaginal ring more soon, the opinion of the doctors the tendency is supplied of fuel mainly announcing for the new options.

They count with the abundance for the launching of July of Lybrel, although Madison, - Jersey - Wyeth based new says that it will put the doctors first.

The analysts have considered the sales of Lybrel could reach $40 million ('30 million) this year and $235 million ('174 million) before 2010. The sales of the E.E.U.U of Seasonique, sent month of August the past, struck $6,1 million ('4.5 million) in the first trimester of 2007. The Seasonale precursor, that obtained to a generic competition more sale in September, hoisted approximately $100 million ('74 million). Yaz, sent the past month of August, had sales of the first trimester of $35,6 million ('26.4 million); Loestrin 24, sent in April of 2006, struck $34,4 million ('25.5 million) in the first trimester. However, some women raise preoccupations around if the periods of blockade are safe or natural.

The psychologist Paula S. Derry of the health of Baltimore wrote in a piece of the opinion in the British medical newspaper for two weeks that 'menstrual suppression itself has been artificial,' and that one is not enough data there to determine if it is long safe term. Sheldon J. Segal, scientist in the nonlucrative advice of the population of the investigation group, wrote behind that a British study did not find any damage in taking pills with much more high levels from the hormone that the products of today by up to 10 years. 'Nothing has raised to indicate any unexpected indirect effect,' said to Segal, that Co-she was author of the book 'is obsolete menstruation' Most of the doctors they say that there is no monthly drain of the reason of the medical necessity of the women and that drives problems of health of the anemia to the epilepsy in many women.

 They observe women are had vainly been occupying with the nature since the coming of pills of the birth control and now holds so much as 450 periods, compared with 50 or so in the days in that the women most of spent their fertile years embarrassed or that they nursed.

The pharmaceutical products of Barr of the Woodcliff lake, New Jersey, that subsidiary Duramed is already developing a version of the under-estrogen of Seasonique, said their investigation with the consumers and the suppliers of the medical care indicate feel that four periods to the year are optimal Amy, this Niemann of the spokeswoman. Wyeth thinks obvious of another way.

'It allows that the women put their cycle menstrual in grasping' and reduces 17 related symptoms, of irritability to swell, based on a small study, said to Dr Amy Marren, director of the clinical subjects for pharmaceutical products of Wyeth.

Lybrel this Marren contains the lowest dose of two pill hormones widely used of the birth-control, estradiol of ethinyl and levonorgestrel. That could cause too much drain of the breach, already a problem with some newer pills with the low doses of the hormone, said to Dr Lee Shulman, obstetrician-gynecologist of Chicago that presides over the board of the association of the reproductive professionals of health.

In the test of Lybrel, 59 percents of women finished for above without bleeding after six months, but 18 percents of fallen women of studies due to staining and the drain of the breach, according to Wyeth. 'Now you are negotiating basically the drain to program for the drain nonprogrammed, and I do not know if the American women will buy in that,' Shulman this.


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