Miracle Treatment
 If you are a one of that they read characteristic of the health and they feel that the drug or the mentioned therapeutic tool is for which there are been waiting for the years, to think again. The 'projected miraculous treatments' are often new ordinary treatment, a 'new disease' is sometimes a disease that but was already not diagnosed there previous, and a new test is often right a nominal improvement on the previous one. On the other hand, occasionally, behind truth of a drug of the 'pump of superdemolition', hailstorm like panacea, is on the lookout a dangerous injurious effect that is underplayed by the scientist and underneath-disclosed by means.

What is worrying is the one of these information now is occupying more and more the front pages of prominent newspapers and the time first in audio-visual means, sometimes like 'breaking the news'. The Marsh-pen - one drugs popular used in the treatment of the obesity - was to classic hyped the drug, hailstorm like treatment for the obesity in years 90. Their sales even continued later a dangerous indirect effect in the heart was disclosed in the newspaper of the New England of the medicine. A game of the action of class of the multimillion-dollar was filed after food and the administration of the drug (FDA) considered prohibiting of the drug. The concealment began and several new studies, financed by the company that made the drug, were published in superior medical newspapers. They accentuated that 'the indirect effect of the heart was not a so important problem after all', and that the 'drug could still be taken surely'. After he is considerable delays, nevertheless, the drug was prohibited and the enormous remuneration was given to the patients who suffered of their indirect effect. Unfortunately, many Indian reporters of the health are short circuit of complex the edition knowledge relative to the health, training of the deficiency in the health that he discloses, and also do not deliver attacks to have analytical commentaries of impartial experts. Consequently, the discovery of one or two cases of an infectious disease almost is disclosed prominent like epidemic, the unusual surgeries but routine they name 'one-of-one-good', incorrect, the deceptive information of the treatment occurs like 'expert advising', and the insignificant results of the investigation are called highly statistical 'significant'. Previously, it was assumed that the means obtained all incorrect one to it, that it happens. But the inaccuracy that is from on-enthusiasm of the investigator is also a significant edition. To my mind, the failure lies more with the doctors and the scientists. Some of them works to the press to the report 'first case' of a rare disease diagnosed by them when no conclusive diagnosis exists - for example, the spreading of one 'plagues' in Nueva Deli. Occasionally, a treatment demand to be extremely effective when only some boxes have been dealt with mixed results. Many such studies that are distributed actively towards it go to the reporters execute incorrect, analyzed precipitated, and the conclusions dramatized. The inexperimentados journalists are imprisoned easy for such scientists and doctors. One must understand that the scientific discoveries are a transcontinental airplane. The following general rules are due to observe by the reporters. To avoid the use of the words of the big drum like 'breach' or 'to cure'. To take one second opinion from an expert nonimplied in the study. To read the published study and to analyze it with the experts with respect to the true meaning of results. To provide the information in risk factors. The reporters can also ask investigators from where the bottoms for the study they were received, and if there is any conflict of the possible interest. He must be understood clearly that there are treatments of the no magic, no miracles, and there are drug or procedure without disadvantages or indirect effect no. The readers must understand the limited meaning of the results derived from a study in animals or a small amount of people. They must be alert on any demand on 'extremely effective' drugs verifying if the investigation were financed by the manufacturers of the drug. There is a healthy tendency of the training and the factories on the health that he discloses in India. This sort has not taken control case of length, but of a health that average India in the cover of its agenda perceived, and the ascent of India in all the spheres of the sector of the health, the necessity of the exact spreading of editions of the health gets to be only more fort.


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