Fine people can inside be fat ignition
 Being thin does not mean automatically that you are not fat. Or healthy. At least not according to the Dr Jimmy Bell, professor of the projection of molecular image in the imperial university, London.

From 1994, the Bells and their equipment have explored to almost 800 people with the MRI machines to create the 'fat maps' that demonstrated where people store the fat. Bell says that the people who are fat in the interior to be essentially in the threshold of being obese. 'The whole concept of being greasy needs to be redefined,' said Bell, that investigation is financed by the advice of medical research of Great Britain. Q. Where is located the internal fat? A. Surrounds vital organs like the heart, the liver or the p'ncreas and is invisible to the naked eye. Q. Is dangerous internal fat person to your health? A. The doctors are uncertain on the exact dangers of the internal fat, but some suspect who contributes to the risk of the cardiac disease and the diabetes. They theorize that the internal fat interrupts the systems of communication of the body. The fat that surrounded internal organs could send the chemical signals confused body to store to the fat within organs like the liver or the p'ncreas. This could lead in last instance to the insulin resistance, the type 2 diabetes or the cardiac disease. Q. What people are susceptible to the internal fat? A. According to the data of Bell, the people who rather maintain her weight with diet that exercise is probable to have important deposits of the internal fat, although she is of another thin way. Also, people with the normal mass of the body put in an index accounts -- a standard measurement of the obesity that divides your weight by the square of your height -- it can have levels inside surprising of fat deposits. Of the explored women, as much as 45 percents of those with normal BMI they write down (20 to 25) really had excessive levels of the internal fat. Between men, the percentage was almost 60 percents. Most of the experts they think that being of the normal weight it is an indicator of the good health, and that BMI is a reliable measurement. Q. Must fat preoccupation commits shave-fine the professional models maquinilla of or their imitadores in the population in general? A. Yes. The investigation of Bell found 'outside fine, models of the fat interior'. Its problem: they eat too many greasy foods, sweetened -- and exercise too much little to work it dull -- but they are not eating enough to gain the weight. Q. Is the fighters wonderful-classified of the extreme one loaded with the internal fat? A. In many cases, no. They have a metabolic profile better generally than some of its thin, sedentary spectators, Bell this. That is because the fat of the fighters is stored mainly underneath the skin, not lining through its organs and vital muscles. Q. How can the internal fat be reduced? A. The internal fat can be easily is still consumed with exercise or improving your diet. When he comes to be fitted, the experts say that there is no short cut. 'If as soon as you wish to watch thin, later putting on a diet he is perhaps enough,' Bell this. 'But you really wish to be healthy, then to exercise must be an important component of your form of life.'


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