Mumps Immunization
 New Scotland is beginning a program of the immunization of the paperas for the workers of the health-care as Friday appears of the virus in the ascending province in the week last through 19 confirmed cases to 222.

The program of the immunization will begin from rough the next week with 40,000 doses of vaccine of the measles, the paperas and the measles (MMR) that are made the workers available of the health-care.

One week ago, there were 203 confirmed cases of the virus in New Scotland. The Dr Shelly Sarwal, the military doctor of the province of the health, said that the program of the vaccination will help to the medical services of maintaining in the province. 'We felt that this is an important public sanitary measurement,' Sarwal said in a launching of the news. 'A campaign of the vaccination will not stop the bud, but what will do it is to help to as resulting from handle to absenteeism in workers of the health-care the paperas, and therefore aid to maintain the system of the health-care for Nova Scotians.' Since the principle of the cases of the bud in February of 222 of the paperas has been disclosed through New Scotland - and the disease is continuing its track in other provinces.

New Brunswick above disclosed Friday that its load of case had jumped to 40, from the 34 to the previous week. Island of Prince Eduardo remained without changing in a confirmed case. The civil employees of the health of Ontario this now have been there eight cases confirmed in the province, above from the three for one week. Seises is students of the university in New Scotland that returned recently to house to Ontario for the summer, whereas the other two cases are the adults who were been traveling in the Atlantic province.

Whereas the number of new cases in the region of Halifax is declining, to another part through the boxes of the province they were for above as of the last week. The civil employees of the health predicted the declination in the area of Halifax like students of the university, where the bud is created to have begun, returned to house for the summer. The civil employees of the public health said that ray this week with his contrapartes in the United States and the Kingdom United on lessons learned of the management of the buds of the paperas in those countries. New Scotland also is watching a program of the immunization for the population of the university-age.

They are advising people to watch for the patients with papera-like symptoms. These include the pains, the pains, the fever, the loss of appetite and, in near 40 percents of cases, the swollen glands enormous of the saliva that give to paperas their glance characteristic of the chipmunk-cheek. The bud of New Scotland, that began in the third week of February, is the province third in two years. He is to a great extent greatest one; the previous buds, in 2005, implied 13 and 19 cases respectively. It has been supplied of fuel by a swimming pool of susceptible young adults. Sarwal has said the authorities think that many of the boxes of the province were vaccinated with MMR in childhood, but that received only one dose. The schedule of the one-dose for the MMR vaccine was suitable to protect much people. If it had not been, this bud would be much more great. But now one knows that a dose does not protect each one and MMR now is given in two doses.


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