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 To save his month-old daughter 10 of a potentially fatal form of cancer of the eye, the fisherman of Derek of the protector of the jazz of Utah decided on an experimental treatment that could save the life of Tatum, its eye and perhaps its Vista.

And in the speech towards outside on retinoblastoma, the fisherman it has walked in the projector as officious spokesman for which it is the form commonest of cancer of the eye in children. 'We felt as you we had for darte an occasion to keep its natural eye,' Thursday this fisherman, explaining because he looked for the treatment in New York after a doctor of Utah recommended clearing of the eye of Tatum. 'My mission of by life of ignited here towards outside will be to raise knowledge of this disease.'

Publicity on the NBA player - who rivet helped a triumph of the additional time against the soldiers Wednesday of the gold state immediately after the home of the flight of the treatment of New York de Tatum - can differentiate already.

His doctor of New York said that he now received a call of a doctor who glided to clear the eye of a patient, but that wishes to know more on the experiment. 'He is to Me ironic that the scientific presentations and the papers can not be so effective in obtaining the word towards outside like a protector of the point,' David Abramson said, doctor of the cancer of in center commemorative eye of the cancer of Sloan-Kettering in New York. In certain way, Terrill Hennefer de Murray he was stood out to hear that the daughter of the fisherman has retinoblastoma.

Finally, the thought of Hennefer, somebody with a high profile can speak of a disease that his own month-old boy 9 is fighting. 'I feel bad for them because I know you like which it is to have to happen with that,' I said. 'Of another way, it was class, 'of finally, there is somebody that quite important people will take attention a.' 'Eyes of the children of the saving: Typically with retinoblastoma, that is almost exclusively in children, the parents are first to stain the problem. Wife of the fisherman, Candice, noticed who one of the eyes of Tatum shone intensely when a light struck it to certain angle. The parents can also notice that the pupil of its boy is off-white instead of black. Sometimes, the photos reveal the condition - a boy will have a red eye common in photos and a white eye. And if the normally straight eyes of a boy are crossed, that one could be a sample of the cancer or certain a other condition, doctors said. 350 boxes of retinoblastoma diagnose every year in the United States.

Whereas first pediatra of Utah of the fishermen downplayed the problem, the pairs continued making questions. Another doctor recognized the symptoms and referred to Tatum an ophtalmologist. The cancer of Tatum was advanced - its tumor takes more than 50 percents from its eye and for now, it is lost their vision, Abramson this. In such cases, to clear the eye has been the only option. Pero Abramson - it called to 'dean of retinoblastoma' in its Web site - and surgeon Pierre Gobin of New York think that they have found a way to save eyes.

Both is leading test clinical in treatment which it directly gives a high concentration of the chemotherapy - 200 times the concentration that kills human beings - in the artery of the cancerous eye, that is finer than espagueti dry, Abramson this. Tatum was 10mo young to experience the surgery since the study began month of May the past, said Gobin, surgeon in center doctor Presbyterian de Weill Cornell of the hospital of New York. 'Impressive technical Feat': The surgery requires to pass a tube through the artery of ingle, the abdomen, the chest, the neck and the possible brain and in the oft'lmica artery, the blood vessel in the eye, explained Abramson.

'This is a very small blood vessel in a place in where you are passing a tube. It is impressive a technical feat,' Abramson this. On 30 minutes, the chemotherapy is given to the cancerous site, instead of being separated through body. 'We gave an exact dose very high where it is the cancer, rather which we give a dose to the whole body at least of 1 percent of him will obtain to the eye,' Abramson this. Until now, the doctors of New York have not had to clear the eyes of their patients of the clinical-test. And in some cases, the surgery has helped at sight of restore, Abramson this. 'The technique is working so well, we thinks that it is going to be an important part of the treatment of retinoblastoma,' Gobin this. 'Our hope is we will not have to clear any eye, always.' Tatum this Abramson can need another dose the chemotherapy as well as other treatments to clear the tumor, as to congeal it or to use lasers.

The cancer of Tatum is not genetic, who is the good news. The children with the genetic form have a greater occasion of having other types of cancer advanced more while still alive. Abramson has examined binocular of Tatum, drew, who eyes watch very well. 'Its prognosis for the life is excellent,' said Abramson, observing that whereas half of the children en el mundo que tienen esta forma de c'ncer morir', su centro tiene una tarifa del 'xito de 99 por ciento. 'Pienso que ahorraremos su vida. Tenemos un colmo, pero no 100 por ciento, ocasi'n del ahorro su ojo. Tenemos realmente una ocasi'n de traer detr's su visi'n. Tiempo dir'.' Ser' desafortunada si los doctores tienen que quitar m's adelante el ojo de Tatum, Abramson dicho, 'pero todav'a ser un gran 'xito porque ahorramos la vida de un ni'o.' 'Puedes ser acertado': J.R. Jensen, hombre de Orem que perdi' un ojo al c'ncer como ni'o 3 0 years ago, is among those excited to see Fisher bring attention to the disease. "He raised more awareness just mentioning it on TV than I could do in an entire lifetime," said Jensen, who is worried that his unborn twin daughters may also develop the cancer. While Jensen's cancer wasn't genetic, there is a 50 percent chance that one of his daughters will wrestle with the same problem.

A specialist in Los Angeles is monitoring the twins. Jensen wants Tatum and other children to know the cancer doesn't have to stop them. Terrill Hennefer knew something was wrong with her son Jaxson when he couldn't track moving objects with his eyes. At his two-month pediatric check up, the boy's doctor agreed that his vision was somehow impaired and referred him to a pediatric ophthalmologist at Primary Children's Medical Center. It treats six to 10 retinoblastoma patients a year. Doctors discovered tumors on both of Jaxson's eyes, and they could migrate to his brain. Much to his parents' relief, however, the tumors had not encroached on his optic nerve.

Within a week of his diagnosis in October, Jaxson began a six-month regimen of chemotherapy that ended in March. Every three months for the next five years, he'll have checkups. Already, however, one tumor has grown back on Jaxson's right eye, the Hennefers' learned at his last checkup. But the Hennefers are encouraged, too. Jaxson can now trace objects with his eyes. "I know that [his vision] has improved," Terrill Hennefer said. "Every time I go in [to the doctor] I just hope it doesn't continue to come back, that he gets to keep both of his eyes."


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