Huntington's Disease
 The scientist says that they have stained more than 200 new proteins that tie to normal and the forms of the mutant of the protein that causes the disease of Huntington (HD).

Think that finding it can help in efforts to develop an effective treatment for the fatal nervous disease, inherited of the system. The investigators lead by Robert E. Hughes, of the institute of the Buck for the investigation of the age in California, investigation of high technology used of the human genome and proteome, followed by experiments in the flies of genetic fruit altered to express characteristics of human HD.

The equipment found that changing of the expression of these new-identified proteins affected the damage degree that happened in the neurons of the flies. This suggests a great amount of these proteins can be white potentials of the drug for HD. The results are published in line in the application of the 11 of May the genetics of PLoS of the newspaper. The following step of this investigation implies defending and analyzing of new proteins in cultivated mammalian cells.

The proteins that demonstrate activity in experiments in then course will be proven in mice with HD. 'Here in the institute of the Buck, we are going to be centered in some proteins dozen,' Hughes said in an elaborated declaration. The 'effective recordativa letter in any protein of the target depends, partly great, of how much masters has a scientist with that target.

We are hoping that the investigators will watch this study and that those with specific masters in a particular protein will move ahead with their own investigations.'


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