Glaxo can introduce the cervical vaccine of the east cancer year
 The Plc de GlaxoSmithKline, drugmaker second-largest of the world, can put a cervical vaccine of the east cancer year that would compete with Merck and Co. 's Gardasil.

The administration of the food and the drug of the E.E.U.U could decide this month to grant to the vaccine of Cervarix de faster Glaxo, revision of the 'priority', potentially urging a decision of the approval and the sale of the product before 2007 end, said to James Tursi, director of Glaxo of the medical subjects for cervical vaccines of the cancer, in a medical meeting in San Diego. Glaxo filed for the separation of the E.E.U.U for Cervarix in march, nine months after the gained approval Merck for Gardasil, that generated $365 million in sales in first trimester 2007. Gardasil, that it protects against the human Papillomavirus, or HPV, is one of more important new products of Merck as he tries to compensate $800 million in lost sales of his Zocor pill of the cholesterol, that lost the protection of the patent in 2006. 'Gardasil and Cervarix are ambo almost 100 effective percents against both types of HPV that they cause to majority of cervical boxes of the cancer,' they said to Kevin Ault, obstetrician and gynecologist in the university of Emory in Atlanta that has worked like consultant for both companies. 'Based on the data that we have now, it would say that much of the option could come down to appraise.' The parts of Glaxo, cradles in London, fell 43 cents to $57,39 in 4 of afternoon in negotiating compound of stock-market of action of New York. The action of Merck, cradle in the station of Whitehouse, New Jersey, fell 19 cents to $52.05. Both vaccines protect against HPV forms that can cause 70 percents of cervical boxes of the cancer. Vacc'neos costs Gardasil, dice in a series of three shots, costs $120 by the injection. Glaxo has not disclosed how much it will load for Cervarix. The vaccines can compete for as much as $8 billion in the annual yield before 2010, analyst Navid Malik de Collins Stewart in London said in a note of the investigation in march. Generally, the FDA grants the revision of the priority to the products that respond unmet to medical necessities. The regulators take near six months drugs of the revision at least granted the designation of the priority, compared with 10 months for products under standard revision. Glaxo discussed the selected test resultses for Cervarix yesterday in a meeting of the American university of obstetricians and gynecologists. The data first were disclosed the week last in a medical meeting in Portugal. In aged women 15 to 55, Cervarix protected against both types of HPV that are the most responsible for cervical cancer at least 18 months in the site of the infection in the cervix, Glaxo said today. 10 years of immunity 'We considered, based what now we know on how the vacc'neos works, that can provide the immunity by 10 years,' said to Tino Schwarz, the author of the study and head of the central laboratory in the Stiftung Juliusspital, academic hospital of education of the university of Wuerzburg in Germany. The bovine era 100 percents of effective for as much as 5,5 years against types 16 and 18 of papillomavirus human that causes the cervical cancer and maintained a inmunorespuesta at least 11 times the natural levels, Glaxo disclosed in April. Cervarix protected against types 45 and 31 of HPV for the same duration, was 68 effective percents of con precancerous injuries and was 38 percents of effective against abnormal blotches of transference of the Pap, Glaxo this. The four tensions cause 80 percents of cervical cancers. The cervical cancer is the second common cancer between women and slaughters 250,000 women to the year, according to the World-wide Organization of the Health. HPV, that causes the cervical cancer, is a transmitted sexual virus, so the goal is to vaccinate girls before they make sexual active. 500,000 cases Near 500,000 cases of the disease disclose every year, 80 percents of them in developing countries, the Geneva-based agency said. They diagnosed to near 10,000 women with the cervical cancer in the E.E.U.U in 2006 and almost 4,000 died of the disease, according to the American society of the cancer. Whereas the two vaccines are similar, there some differences. Gardasil also is designed to work against two tensions of HPV that cause genital warts. Cervarix uses an increasing one of pressure that can hacerte more last length. Both increasing of pressure vacc'neos ones of the product use called the helping ones, a substance that heightens the capacity of an antigen to stimulate the immune system. The antigens are the foreign substances in the body that make the immune system form an antibody that only responds to that particular antigen. Gardasil de Merck uses a helping one of traditional aluminum. Cervarix de Glaxo uses a helping proprietor known like AS04, that the company is trying to prove marks better its vaccine. One more a inmunorespuesta hard a study published in e l diario que el a'o pasado vacc'neo encontr' la inmunorespuesta a la vacuna de Glaxo era m's fuerte y sostenido cuando estaba hecho con AS04 que cuando estaba hecho con el coadyuvante convencional. Glaxo presentar' a datos m's detallados sobre Cervarix el mes pr'ximo en una reuni'n de la sociedad americana de la oncolog'a cl'nica. Gardasil ha dibujado una cierta controversia desde que la droga de Merck era aprobada. Los grupos, incluyendo el foco pol'tico conservador de la organizaci'n en la familia, han opuesto el hacer del obligatorio vacc'neo porque HPV no es separado por el contacto ocasional como los g'rmenes que causan el sarampi'n o la poliomielitis. La academia americana de la pediatr'a de sa tambi'n id there wasn't enough funding to pay for the $360 vaccine or public acceptance to make it a requirement. Among growing criticism, Merck said in February it would stop lobbying state officials to require that girls receive the company's cervical cancer vaccine before they can attend school.


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